Accounting is the medical history of your organization. With accounting you can determine  the profitability of your business .  We can determine strategies for progress, and to take time to provice corrective measures or development. Trujillo Tax Service  advices many businesses, in all areas, and we are interested in your triumph.
Guidance for Opening New Businesses
The first step, the most important, and that represents half the journey is to decide and jump into the business world. Business conduct requires spirit, organization and to be aware of laws the state where you live. Get to do what you do best: doing business, and let us advise you on all your tax and  financial needs.
Corporations, Partnerships and Companies
In business with family or colleagues? Do not be fooled with procedures that are very simple but are not accompanied by advice on liability protection, business management, and tax liability. A poorly designed or poorly managed company can result in loss of personal asset protection!
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IRS Audit Representation, Minnesota Department of Revenue or Worker’s Compensation and Insurance
In such delicate situations it is better to have the professional support of our company. We have successfully represented more than three hundred corporations.
Payroll preparation for you and your employees -if you have it, it brings great benefits to your business. Trujillo Tax Service  will prepare your payroll every week, two weeks or once a month.